A number of builders and contractors have already benefited from Exigo’s intelligent dashboards for the construction industry.

Firstly, the constructability checks ensured the quality of their 3D models. In addition, the time and financial management dashboards gave them a clear and simple overview of their projects. As a result, they could solve problems before they got dramatic.

However, get to know some of our customers and find some inspiration in their experiences. For example, see why (and how) they really benefit from using the dachboards in the Exicute Cloud Platform in their construction projects. So, enjoy reading though the references below!

Read more about some of the large projects, where Exigo has helped

New Natural History Museum


Firstly, for the New Natural History Museum, Exigo developed an online dashboard for the financial management.

Aalborg University – New Health


Exigo’s Dashboards for the Aalborg University: the Exicute Cloud Platform supported the construction of  the new campus for the Faculty of Health Science.

University of Southern Denmark – New Health


The SDU, together with the Odense University Hospital, used Exigo’s Dashboards for financial and time management. Moreover, they executed constructability assurance.

New Hospital Hvidovre

Region Hovedstaden

Likewise, the Region Hovestanden had a great overview of their construction project. So, how did they use Exigo’s Dashboards in the Exicute Cloud Platform?

New University Hospital Aalborg


Exigo’s intelligent Dachboards helped constructing the New University Hospital Aalborg. For instance, the NAU performed risk analises of time and finances.

The New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU) uses Exigo's Dachboards for constructability assurance and financial management

New Hospital Bispebjerg

Region Hovestaden

Above all, Exigo’s intelligent Dachboards helped ensuring the constructability of the New Hospital Bispebjerg.

Exigo's intelligent Dashboards helped ensuring the constructability of the New Hospital Bispebjerg