The AAU New Health uses the Exicute Cloud Platform for time management and constructability

Exigo’s intelligent Dashboards for Aalborg University: the Exicute Cloud Platform supported the construction of the new campus for the Faculty of Health Science.

About the project

The new Faculty of Health Sciences at AAU will hold approximately 25,500 sqm of research and study facilities for the two departments of the faculty: firstly, the Department of Medicine and Health Technology, and secondly, the Clinical Institute.

The new faculty will be built in connection with the New Aalborg University Hospital (NAU).

The role of Exigo

  • Quantity verification
  • Review of 3D models
  • Clash detection
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Preparation of construction’s case description
  • Firm: Aalborg University
  • Builder: Vejdirektoratet
  • Web:
  • Project sum: 335 mio. DKK
  • Size: 25.500 m2
  • Construction period: ongoing – 2022

The AAU New Health uses the Exicute Cloud Platform

In other words, the role of Exigo’s Dashboards is to give the builder a simple and visual overview of the

In projects of this size, it is very difficult to keep the overview of all details. For instance, as the project manager, you have to know about the 3D model’s quality to ensure constructability of the AAU New Health. Furthermore, the time management requires accurateness to prevent delays. Certainly, this complexity is hard to handle.

Exigo’s BI-solution gives you a simple overview of the current state of your construction project. Moreover, they document historic data and give a forecast of future project progress. For instance, the dashboards combine data on the construction project’s finances with the current schedule. In other words, different dashboards show you the total revenue, and when to make payments and how much. Finally, a constructability analysis of the AAU New Health is important to be sure that the building is in fact constructible. Certainly, you will save a lot of money and time if you realise this before you start laying the foundations.

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