Exicute App: Easy On-Site Progress Reporting

The new app for progress reporting – that connects with location based scheduling / flowline planning.

The Exicute app lets you register the current stage of your construction project, as well as report progress while on the construction site.

We know that implementing new digital tools on a construction project can be a bit of a headache. That is why our customers requested a simple and user-friendly solution for progress reporting. And this app answers their needs.

We designed the Exicute App to be easy to use and navigate. You will find no excess features or distracting elements here.

Instead, the app’s design fits people on the go and people who are tired of apps with too many buttons that are difficult to hit in the rain.

The Exicute App only has the features you actually need

In other words, it is a simple and intuitive tool for reporting progress.

The app is easy to use because it contains no advanced or unnecessary features.

We have had enough of apps for construction that require hours of training. We don’t see much point in developing apps for construction that you have to be an expert in IT to use.

That is why we designed the Exicute App from the adage that “less is more.”

It really is this simple

  1. Select the task you are working on.
  2. Select location.
  3. Use the buttons to indicate approximate progress (%).
  4. Choose ‘accept’.

When you report progress on an activity, the app sends the information to Exigo’s data-storage. Then, the system extracts and compares the new data with previous data to form analyses. Shortly after, the report will appear as progress in the BI-dashboards.

Overview of progress in Exicute app on the phone

Whar ou costumers say

“The subjective assessment of stages is a challenge. For example, one project manager estimates that we are 15% finished with all sprinklers, another estimates that we are 25% finished. This gives rise to disagreements regarding advance billing. Both in relation to subcontractors and their real progress and in relation to the client or construction management about how much we have completed and how much we must be paid for. We can see a great advantage in seeing real objective documentation of our progress that is not debatable.” Bettina Hahn Andersen, VDC Coordinator.

Progress is registered in the app for each lokation while you are on the construction site

Features of the Exicute App

We designed the Exicute app for use by construction managers, contractors and QAs. Some of the features you get are:

  • Percentages for progress for the different tasks
  • Overview of progress broken down by location and activity
  • Photos and comments – you always have the documentation at hand. This way you will not have to leaf through countless e-mails, texts and folders when you need something.
  • The Exicute app has contact info on everyone who reports to the app. Then you always know to whom you need to go for clarification.
  • See what quantities are associated with each activity and location. It will become much easier to coordinate materials and deliveries to specific locations, saving the contractors time.
  • Check the last time someone inspected an activity.

The Comments & Constraints Feature

Get an overview of all your data online on the dashboard

The app has a built-in feature for collecting comments and constraints broken down by activity and location. When a sub-contractor registers progress on an activity, he/she can attach photos or comments.

Comments will appear in the associated BI-dashboard, attached to their specific activity and location. If an area of the construction site has many comments, it might be a signal that there is a general issue on the location. Now you know where to focus your efforts.

If something stopped the sub-contractor from completing his/her task, they can register a constraint and its type. Then you know exactly whom to send to fix the problem. Was it a lack of materials? Over-crowding? Did the previous sub-contractor make a mistake?

The exicute app gives you smooth and effortless registration, collection and reporting.

Gather all comments and documentation in one place. Comments may be viewed in the app or in the Comments-dashboard.

Exicute business intelligence dashboard gives overview over progress, time, finances

The Constraints-dashboard makes Lean construction easier

In Lean construction, experts speak of 7 conditions for an optimal workflow. Associated with these conditions are 7 types of constraints:

  1. Unfinished previous work on the location
  2. Lack of room at the site
  3. Counter-productive external circumstances (e.g. weather, sanctions)
  4. Missing tools and machines
  5. Missing materials or insufficient quality of materials
  6. Insufficient manning
  7. Lack of information (e.g. plans, blueprints or measurements)

Exigo’s BI-dashboards’ design and the Exicute app’s design facilitate Lean methods and the use of the Last Planner System. The app lets you categorise constraints according to the 7 types.

The Constraints-dashboard gives you an overview of the reasons specific activities have not yet been completed.

Exigo business intelligence dashboard

Do you want to know more?

With the Exicute app, you can get an overview of all the data that are related to a project – user friendly and intuitively. Contact us, and we will find out, how we can help you.